Irrigation& Lighting
Specialties, LLC   

" The bitterness of low quality remains long after
   the sweetness of low price is forgotten" 
                                        - Benjamin Franklin  

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Irrigation & Lighting Specialties, LLC, Irrigation Systems & Equipment, Charleston, SC

We Do More Than Just Fix Pipes

We all know that water is becoming a scarce commodity and that technology and our customer's needs are changing constantly.  Whether you are a budget-conscious homeowner, a landscape manager, or a home owner association (HOA) we have the solution for those high water and electric bills.   We formally educate ourselves on the innovative technologies that make your irrigation and lighting systems more efficient.  We can reduce your costs and excessive use charges through effecient irrigation and lighting products and services

The above quote from Benjamin Franklin accurately highlights another part of our business philosophy.  We will always provide our customer with the highest possible level of service and value, but we will not sacrifice quality in favor of the cheapest price.  


Chris Fry

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