Irrigation& Lighting
Specialties, LLC   

" The bitterness of low quality remains long after
   the sweetness of low price is forgotten" 
                                        - Benjamin Franklin  

We service the Charleston tri-county area - Charleston, Berkley, and Dorchester counties - Kiawah to Summerville, Mt.Pleasant to Monks Corner.

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Landscape Lighting Installation / Services

 Outdoor lighting, like all other technologies, has gone green. LED fixtures and bulbs have become the newest and greatest thing. We install only the the highest quality commercial grade fixtures and transformers on the market. A few of the brands we install and service are Hadco, Vista, Focus,and Kichler.

We can upgrade your system to LED bulbs with potential savings up to 70% or we can service your old system. We offer evening demonstrations for a new installation and we can schedule an appointment to show you the many options you have to choose from.


Drainage is the biggest problem we see in new home developements. May it be water sitting from the down spouts or your neighbor's water settling in your yard, we have the solution. We can install the simplest french drain or install an elaborate drain system with catch basins, rainbarrels and even containment cisterns.

Cisterns and large rain barrel containment systems can be tied into the irrigation system and serve as your water source, in return conserving water. A system can be designed according to the size of the containment apparatus.

All drainage system are shot with a level and transit to make sure we have at least a 2-3% fall from area to be drained out to your outfall. 

Fountains / Water Features


We custom build one of a kind fountains and water features as well as install pre-manufactured ones . This is one element of the landscape that is endless as far as the design aspect goes. The sound of water brings tranquility to your yard during both  day and night but DONT FORGET THE LIGHTS! The sound of the water and the reflection of the ripples at night create an absolutely wonderful focul point.


                                               We install and service pond / lake floating fountains and aerators.  Floating fountains not only bring aestic value to your pond

                                               or lake, day or night, but also biological benefits. Fountains and aerators circulate the water to help eliminate oxygen related 

                                               fish kills and prevent stagnet water which is associated with mosquito hatches and algae blooms. 

                                      ******* BONUS:  For added beauty you can plant flowering aquatic plants or have KOI in your water feature. We can assist you with

                                                this or recommened several of our associates.

Irrigation Installation / Service


All of our new installs use the most efficient and water conserving products on the market today.  We can install smart controllers, drip irrigation (which applies water only to the root zone, not the leaves, eliminating foliar born diseases), low volume spray nozzles or large rotory heads with efficient spray patterns.

 We design each system with the customer and landscape in mind. Every system includes at least a rain sensor, however we prefer using a smart controller with a weather station that measures rain, freeze, wind and soil moisture. We know that each customer is different and has different budget constrants and we will tailor your system to meet your specific needs . We use proper design techniques on all new systems to prevent water run off, watering

                                                            concrete, or double watering plant material.


                                                              We repair all brands of irrigation products.  We are a full service repair company. Whether you want your system up 

                                                              graded to a smart controller, sensors added ( possible water savings of 40-60% ) have an electrical problem, lost 

                                                              control valves, broken heads, broken pipe, need system additions, we have it handled. 

Back Flow Installation, Repair, Annual Inspections

We are S.C. Department of Health and Environmental Control Backflow Prevention Certified.

We perform annual backflow tests, backflow device repairs, and new installs.

We test in approximately 8 municipalities in the greater charleston area.

We service the Charleston tri-county area - Charleston, Berkley, and Dorchester counties - Kiawah to Summerville, Mt.Pleasant to Monks Corner.

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